forty four.

Obviously, I can do better... as a self proclaimed "photographer"... but I was so excited when I put it on, I couldn't wait to document it. This is my newest, most treasured piece of jewelry and I will never take it off.  


forty three.

  I don't have a lot to say today, I'll be honest. It's not that it was a bad day, it's just that I'm so sleepy. I feel like I've been getting a full on work out all day just from trying to get around with one foot and some crutches! 😂 But I just [...]

forty one.

Here's the thing. I believe in angels. I don't know about you... but I do, especially after tonight.  I legitimately snapped my ankle falling down the stairs. I heard the snap, I immediately dropped, falling the other few stairs and crashed into my record cabinet. Jon was up and by my side it seemed like [...]


What a day. After spending the weekend curled up in a dark pit called "food poisoning hell", I finally felt like I might sort of make it out alive today. And thank the good Lord, too, because we had plans to have a belated birthday/Memorial Day celebration with my Dad. I still probably should have [...]

thirty nine.

If you pay attention to dates related to this blog, you will see there was no post yesterday. Why, you ask? FOOD POISONING. Ho-ly tolitos. That crap is straight from the devil. Anyways. After sleeping most of today I am STARVING, and still tired.  Popcorn, Scandal, and back to bed. Goodnight everyone.

thirty seven.

We are officially on summer break. So to celebrate, we went to a park after I was finished with work. My life is pretty dang good, I'll tell ya. But that's the thing about this whole depression nonsense.. it can turn something great into something dark and all of the sudden you're staring blankly at [...]

thirty six.

It's almost summer break! I am NOT one of those moms who dread summer break and can't wait until their kids get back to school. Nope. I actually dread the school year because I'm slightly attached to her and I don't like only being able to see her for two hours out of the day [...]

thirty five.

The clomid migraines are back. Wahh. And my little care taker child did her best to make me feel better (again) by making me a "snack". Truly, she knows me. Food is the way to my heart. Unfortunately, she hasn't quite mastered the cleaning up part.  and yes, that is a coffee mug full of [...]