daily journal


What a day.

After spending the weekend curled up in a dark pit called “food poisoning hell”, I finally felt like I might sort of make it out alive today. And thank the good Lord, too, because we had plans to have a belated birthday/Memorial Day celebration with my Dad.


I still probably should have held off on eating anything too heavy but when Dad makes his famous pulled pork sandwiches, ya just don’t say no. And then after swimming and laying out (exhausting work, really), we were all pretty tuckered out by the time we headed home. And not to mention sunburnt to a crisp.

But… I have this problem listening to reason and when everything says “don’t eat anymore food tonight” I say…”let’s stop at taco time!”


And then I had to take a nap on the couch for an hour or I’d be back worshiping the porcelain throne. And now I’ve been awake from said nap for about an hour now and I’m ready to go to bed.

Being out in the sun all day, eating pork sandwiches and crisp bean burritos after a bout of food poisoning… not the smartest move I’ve ever made. I’ll admit that.


daily journal

thirty nine.

If you pay attention to dates related to this blog, you will see there was no post yesterday. Why, you ask? FOOD POISONING.

Ho-ly tolitos.

That crap is straight from the devil.

Anyways. After sleeping most of today I am STARVING, and still tired. IMG_0605

Popcorn, Scandal, and back to bed.

Goodnight everyone.

daily journal

thirty eight.

Its Friday. That means one of two things:

1. I exist out in the real world.

2. I stay on my couch watching Scandal until Tuesday morning when I go back to work.

I have yet to decide which of these I will choose  but the popular vote is for the latter.

Gotta get back, Fitz told Mellie he wants a divorce so obviously this requires my undivided attention.



daily journal

thirty seven.

We are officially on summer break. So to celebrate, we went to a park after I was finished with work.

My life is pretty dang good, I’ll tell ya. But that’s the thing about this whole depression nonsense.. it can turn something great into something dark and all of the sudden you’re staring blankly at a piece of gravel trying to keep from wanting to curl up under the nearest bush and hide there forever.

But, and this “but” comes with a little hint of adolescence, but swinging has a way of putting new air into my lungs and helping me clear away some of the darkness and just find a way to close my eyes and take deep breaths while the sun is shining on my skin. It’s always been relaxing. It’s always been a source of comfort.

Oh and word to the wise, if you’re going to try this whole swinging thing, don’t take pictures while up in the air because there’s a possiblity you could lose balance and end up flailing like a fruitcake, but only a little. 🙂 goodnight everyone, we’re all in this life together, don’t forget that.


daily journal

thirty six.


It’s almost summer break! I am NOT one of those moms who dread summer break and can’t wait until their kids get back to school.

Nope. I actually dread the school year because I’m slightly attached to her and I don’t like only being able to see her for two hours out of the day (between school and bed time). By slightly, I mean entirely.

One of my main goals with writing this daily journal was to keep my juices flowing so as to hopefully keep another writers block at bay. But honestly, so far it’s been rushing to make sure I get an entry in before bed or before we start a movie night or something, and I end up not really utilizing the time to create anything with my words. But… writing is writing and promised myself I would.

Now if only I could get back to writing the book…

Goodnight everyone! Remember you are loved, you are important, you are worth it. Kick A tomorrow.


daily journal

thirty five.

The clomid migraines are back. Wahh.

And my little care taker child did her best to make me feel better (again) by making me a “snack”. Truly, she knows me. Food is the way to my heart.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t quite mastered the cleaning up part. IMG_0475IMG_0483

and yes, that is a coffee mug full of cherry tomatoes and left over birthday cake drizzled with chocolate syrup. The creativity! (Do not recommend that combination).

Night guys.

daily journal

thirty four.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I guess today was like any old Monday. Work, home, clean, work out, TV and couch lounging (currently).

Edyn woke up with a stomach ache, and seeing as schools out in 3 days, I figured it couldn’t hurt if I let her stay with me at work for the day.

I actually really love those days. Not that she’s sick, obviously, but just being with her and the fact that I work at a place that allows me to bring her with me whenever I need.

We’ve been looking for a new tv series and I believe we’ve found it! SCANDAL. I’m officially on the train.

Gotta go watch more. Goodnight!

daily journal · trailer reno

thirty two.

We worked on the trailer ALL DAY today and it’s still nowhere close to being finished. I got most of the cabinets painted, but it turns out there was a huge leak (multiple leaks) in the ceiling so we had to tear that down, reframe it, seal it, etc. etc.

it also turns out, which I found out by accident, there’s a bunch of water damage to the floor. I just stepped out to see what Edyn was doing and sunk in about an inch or so.

So it’s going to be a lot more work than expected, but it’s still such a fun project to be doing as a family. This is what Jon and I love to do, and we’ve always talked about renovating as a hobby.

So we’ll take it step by step and hopefully, before too long, we’ll be out on the road with it, soaking up the summer. IMG_0350

Oh, p.s. It’s my birthday tomorrow!

g’night everyone!