Fifty Two:

I'm not doing very well with the whole "posting every day" thing, am I? Oh well, such is life. Also a part of life right now is lots of bed/couch rest while recovering from surgery. It's not a secret that we've been dealing with infertility for the past two years, so I finally jumped the [...]


Fifty One:

We're on a drive down to Hurricane for the weekend for a visit with Jons folks. We're in the middle of nowhere with no city lights in sight and I so wish I could show you how pretty all these stars are but you'll just have to take my word for it. Im going to [...]


You know how people say there's a season for everything? Mine happens to be a recurring season, but a season nonetheless. Depression. It's a doosey. But it comes and goes without warning and all of the sudden I start to feel like myself again. It's not gone, at least not for long anyways. But as [...]

Forty eight:

I don't know how to make the sad go away. But I thank God every chance I get for sending me these two people who love me and quite literally save me, every day. Depression hurts like hell. But because of them,  I know I will live through this, even though it feels like it [...]

Forty seven:

I saw this quote on Facebook today and I'm sure it's because I was meant to. People can be mean. People can spread lies and  say hurtful things and try to tear you down and try to discredit or invalidate you. They can and they will. It's hard to lay on the hypothetical floor after [...]