forty one.

Here’s the thing. I believe in angels. I don’t know about you… but I do, especially after tonight. 

I legitimately snapped my ankle falling down the stairs. I heard the snap, I immediately dropped, falling the other few stairs and crashed into my record cabinet. Jon was up and by my side it seemed like the instant I landed. My whole foot was laying flat on its side and Jon had already made his way up the stairs to grab me some clothes and get Edyn in the car to rush me to the doctor and he yelled from upstairs and asked me if I could move it. I cried back “no way in HELL”. I’ve had broken bones before so I was cautiously trying to gage the pain to know for sure but I knew it that instant… “it’s broken”, and I was positive. But then I felt the need to try… “just try to move it a little”, I thought. So I did and I felt another pop and then the pain was gone, instantly. I assumed once the adrenaline let up there would be some residual pain but I’m not even joking when I say there’s no way, with the way I fell, the way it looked and the pain I was experiencing that my ankle could somehow NOT be broken unless there was some divine intervention.

That was intense. Jon and I just sat on the floor laughing and crying at the same time because WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED??

Oh my lands. Anyways- in other news, I got to snuggle a little baby today at work so whatever bad things happened today don’t really count because when you hold little babies, their magic little infant dust makes you only remember the good.


Also- this picture breaks my heart and mends it and breaks it again and then it just fills up so full that it bursts. This picture EXACTLY sums up what I see when I look at them. When he is there, she is safe. WE (her and I) are safe because he loves us that much. What a guy I tricked into loving me but my gosh, I wouldn’t give either of these two up for the whole universe.

Goodnight everyone. Fall asleep tonight thinking about someone you love, whomever that may be, and knowing that whomever you and are wherever you may be… you are loved, too.

P.S. that residual pain I mentioned earlier… it’s real. But I’ll take that over a broken bone ANY DAY.



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