thirty seven.

We are officially on summer break. So to celebrate, we went to a park after I was finished with work.

My life is pretty dang good, I’ll tell ya. But that’s the thing about this whole depression nonsense.. it can turn something great into something dark and all of the sudden you’re staring blankly at a piece of gravel trying to keep from wanting to curl up under the nearest bush and hide there forever.

But, and this “but” comes with a little hint of adolescence, but swinging has a way of putting new air into my lungs and helping me clear away some of the darkness and just find a way to close my eyes and take deep breaths while the sun is shining on my skin. It’s always been relaxing. It’s always been a source of comfort.

Oh and word to the wise, if you’re going to try this whole swinging thing, don’t take pictures while up in the air because there’s a possiblity you could lose balance and end up flailing like a fruitcake, but only a little. 🙂 goodnight everyone, we’re all in this life together, don’t forget that.



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