thirty two.

We worked on the trailer ALL DAY today and it’s still nowhere close to being finished. I got most of the cabinets painted, but it turns out there was a huge leak (multiple leaks) in the ceiling so we had to tear that down, reframe it, seal it, etc. etc.

it also turns out, which I found out by accident, there’s a bunch of water damage to the floor. I just stepped out to see what Edyn was doing and sunk in about an inch or so.

So it’s going to be a lot more work than expected, but it’s still such a fun project to be doing as a family. This is what Jon and I love to do, and we’ve always talked about renovating as a hobby.

So we’ll take it step by step and hopefully, before too long, we’ll be out on the road with it, soaking up the summer. IMG_0350

Oh, p.s. It’s my birthday tomorrow!

g’night everyone!


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