Once upon a time, Jon and I were down in St. George at one of my favorite antique stores, and we found these AMAZING chairs that were just so perfect and we loved them so much so we bought them and thought to ourselves “how cool that we just found these awesome, unique,   one of a kind chairs from an antique shop? Wonder how old they are!”

And then we found out they weren’t unique or antiques AT ALL. Exhibit A:


This is the second design magazine I’ve seen my chairs in! Except in the other magazine and the ones we have are actually white so this picture maybe isn’t the best example but other than the color THEYRE THEY EXACT SAME.

HOWEVER, I will take comfort in knowing that, even though they aren’t antique or one of a kind, they are featured in design magazines, the one pictured above being the Magnolia Journal, so obviously we did something right of JoJo approves, eh?

Anyways, we decided to be complete champions and climb in bed at 8:30 and now it’s 9:05 and I’m ready for shut eye. (I think Jons already sleeping). Goodnight guys!


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