twenty nine.

How I got the sweetest kid of life, I’ll never know. But oh my lands, look how precious! I was on the couch boobin’ about my cramps and I could hear her rustling around in the kitchen. A few minutes later she came out with my “sick tray”. That is coconut cream pie with strawberries she cut up herself (butter knife, don’t worry) and she even cut my piece of the pie into little bits so it would be “easier for me to eat”!! Ugh I could just squeal she makes me so happy.

And then she promptly ran into the kitchen to make hot chocolate in the microwave for her and Daddy – because we don’t want anyone to feel left out 😉


Earlier, Jons aunt stopped by to drop off my birthday presents a few days early since they’d be out of town and with it came a gift from my mother in law (who lives 4 hours away so Julie delivered it for them) and you know what she got me?? A new set of scriptures! I have been so heartbroken because I misplaced my most treasured set when we were reorganizing some things.. and she knew how much a new set would mean to me. I can’t even tell you how much love I feel and how grateful I am.


Im gonna go read and eat me a bowl of cereal, goodnight everybody.


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