twenty seven.

It was was a rough one. I think mostly because I was feeling super aggravated at everything but also because a certain 5 year old was ON ONE!

Holy moly, by dinner time I was almost in tears. Then Jon was helping me put the fire out, so to speak, and that’s when she burst into tears. She just melted and said “it’s a bad day”…

Aaand thats when I realized that she’s entitled to bad days, too. And her acting out today wasn’t “at” me or about me at all…so we all took some breaths and promised to try again tomorrow.

The good parts about today though- because there always has to be  good part, right?- is that we got to dance class early so we drove over to the pond to see the ducks and watching Edyn flail around trying to catch them was hilarious.

And, I had an hour to read while she was in dance and saw the sweetest quote…”people said Ove saw the world in black and white. But she was color. All the color he had.” It’s a heartbreaking and romantic quote and it just gives me all the feels.




Night guys, here’s to a better tomorrow. Thank heavens for new days.


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