twenty five.

We we made it to Lagoon but only temporarily. The weather was uncooperative and the cold won. Edyns little fingers were like icicles and we were all shivering too violently to enjoy our time (Jon was very optimistic in his clothing choice of a tank top and shorts this morning, luckily my dad came with us and brought a couple sweaters. But even that wasn’t enough to warm us up).


So we booked it out to our cars and drove back to Salt Lake for a Mothers Day lunch and my Dads girlfriend and her two daughters brought me the most beautiful flower/succulent arrangement I’ve ever seen.


And competing for first place in this day full of blessings: getting to meet our friends NEW newborn.. as in just born on the 10th. So sweet! Edyn is a natural with babies and I can’t wait to see her become a big sister whenever the good Lord sees fit.


We are still on our Star Wars marathon… it takes time and I’m good with it. And I have this insatiable appetite for wings but rather than leave the house I’ll settle for Rice Krispies.

G’night, friends.


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