I get annoyed when people say “ugh, Monday”… and they blame everything that happens on the fact that it’s Monday and they complain about everything and how tired they are and how they can’t get anything done because it’s Monday. I mean… you’re purposefully starting your week off on a bad note, amiright?

But guess what? I totally had a day like that and guess what everyone said? “You’ve got a case of the Mondays!”

So I’m going to try to find the good in all that happened today to counter all the typical reactions because everyone deserves a chance, EVEN MONDAYS 😉

I woke up late because I was dreaming I was already getting ready (anyone else have that happen?) but the GOOD NEWS is I got a little extra sleep.

Edyn had a MASSIVE bloody nose on the bus this morning and needed a change of clothes (her school is 45 minutes away). The GOOD NEWS is I got an hour and half to myself to just drive and listen to music. AND I got to see Edyn in class for a minute which is always a positive.

My kidneys are still acting up… but the GOOD NEWS is I’ve found my new favorite drink! It’s “just cranberry juice” literally because there’s nothing but cranberries. It’s tart and it’s delicious, especially right out of the fridge.

We missed dance class today BUT THE GOOD NEWS is Edyn was awake while we watched the next Star Wars and she’s totally obsessed. Not with Princess Leia either, which is to be expected because she loves princesses, but with YODA! I love it. And her impersonation of him is the funniest.

So really.. today was what people would call a “typical Monday”, but there were so many tender mercies and hidden blessings and so looking back – it was a perfect day.

And I’m home with my family now which is the best part. And the sky on the way home today was so beautiful I felt like I was on an island or something. (Picture doesn’t do it justice).


G’night everyone, thanks for reading along with me for TWENTY DAYS so far!


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