IMG_9822^^ not a couch picture! You’re welcome.

It was THE perfect Saturday. I’m not even joking. We had Edyns friend over while her parents did some house hunting and we just love her.

While the girls were busy playing, Jon and I got to play a couple rounds of cards next to an open window where we felt the breeze and got the perfect view of the quick rain storm as it blew over our little city. And then it was the perfect temperature to go outside and have some fun.

And… as one would expect in this era, the girls wanted to play with Snapchat… and I got a kick out of it, too.


^the filter everyone uses because it makes ya look s’cute. And then Jon and I finished off the cookies n’ cream pie and this was my face after… ready? Scroll.



Now I’m off to have a Star Wars marathon with Jon. G’night guys.


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