Where do I start.

LAST NIGHT I woke up to Edyn in bed with me. She was acting like she was having a nightmare so I leaned over to kind of wake her up/snuggle her… and she puked. ALL OVER ME AND ALL OVER MY BED AND ALL OVER HERSELF and it was awful.

Luckily it was still early enough that Jon hadn’t gone to work yet so he cleaned up the bed while Edyn and I cleaned off in the shower.

We finally got all changed and back in bed and the moment I fell back asleep… she threw up again. HOLY TOLITOS.

What a night. So I called in to work. But then we got some good news at work and they were going out to celebrate the news- and as it turns out, cinco de mayo- and so we met up with them for lunch.

Luckily Edyn had gotten everything out of her system. She’s resilient.

Then we decided to dedicate the rest of the day for a family day and headed up to Farmington to go to Lagoon (because what else would you do the day after your 5 year old lost the contents of her stomach TWICE.) She was fine by that point, for the record 🙂

so Farmington is a good hour away from us, more so on days we get stuck in traffic, which happened today.

But we finally arrived, ready to ride and play and eat and have  fun family day… but they were closed. CLOSED! Except for a dance competition. I shoulda said Jon was part of it. 😉

Anyways, quite. a. day.


We finished it off by watching Split… which… I don’t know, it turned out to be a little too dark for me. So now I’m watching King of Queens while Jons asleep on the other couch, just so I can get some of the awful images out of my head.

I should probably go to sleep now though. We’ve got one of Edyns friends coming to hang out with us in the morning.

G’night everyone.


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