Sometimes…and I don’t mean to sound like I’m boobin’, but sometimes people are mean.

I don’t think they mean to be, I just don’t think they’re necessarily not trying to be either.

And then there’s my perception of it all…which, obviously, just exacerbates the whole thing and it becomes this mess that I can’t stop thinking about. It’s lame, it is.

I think if we could all just see the good in people, or at least try to. Because when someone makes a choice that isn’t one you would have made, does it make it the wrong one? Not necessarily.

Trust me, I’m just as guilty of this as anyone.

Anyways, today was dance day again. One of my favorite days because we all get to be together as a family (those days feel rare). And dance days mean we go get take out, usually, because we get home after Edyns bedtime.

So tonight it’s Jims Restaurant on the living room floor, helping Jon study for his big final tomorrow.

G’night everyone, go make someone’s day better tomorrow.



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