IMG_9426Sunday, again.

Sometimes I get caught up on the routine of Sunday’s that I don’t take time to actually remember why it is that I’m going to church in the first place.

Sometimes it seems like it’s all hurry, hurry get out the door, wave hello to familiar faces, keep Edyn distracted with tic-tac-toe during sacrament, get to the primary room to get things set up and wait around for the kids to get there and then walk around to make sure they’re all sitting quietly.

Last Sunday was youth leadership day (where the youth take over positions in the church and act as leaders for the day), and today some of them got up to share their experiences. That alone was touching and really made me focus on what the Sabbath is all about, but then one of the men from my ward spoke about his experiences and his testimony and it brought the spirit in and honestly I was wiping away tears as fast as they were falling.

It took me out of the “what to do next” mode I’ve been in and helped me climb into the “this is right now” and reminded me why I attend church, what it is that brings me back and why I have a testimony.

It was what I needed, truly.

And Jons on his way home now from getting me Arby’s so, really… how could it get any better?

G’night everyone.


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