Today was supposed to be so productive and it was SO NOT.

Ok, it was halfway… or a quarter of the way… productive.

We are renovating an old camper trailer and went to get the paint for the cabinets today and got “stop-leak” for the roof that has a crack in it… and then we came home and didn’t do anything  🙂

Also the camera on my phone is broken so all my pictures are shaky.

Im really into this daily journaling thing. It really does help me look back in my day and remember the parts that I’m grateful for.

And I’m grateful for Saturday’s with Jon. They’re limited now that summers coming up and overtime and side-jobs will be kicking in. So I’ll take as many as I can get.

Autocorrect words of the day:

Hole- hoke

came – camw

G’night everyone. Thanks for reading along with my life.



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