A few things from today:

I wore my new favorite pants from target, I took a nap, Edyn and I went on a date to “Boss Baby” (wouldn’t recommend), and then I beat Jon in poker which was a double or nothin’ game. Last time he won steaks but tonight I killed it and won a trip to the antique store tomorrow.

We bet big, I know.

But it’s been a good day. Other than the fact that Edyn was bawling, literally, during dinner because we served fish and if we were eating fish that means someone had to kill the fish and “chop off its head” which she said “disappoints her” and just broke her heart. So I guess meat’s off the table (ha ha, see what I did there?) for a while.

Jons just glued to the playoffs now so I’m gonna sneak off to bed.

No funny auto corrects today! Dang.




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