You know what feels nice when a migraine hits? A hot shower pouring over your scalp.

Relief for a minute – my gosh, I’m grateful.

I never used to get migraines. Sure, the typical headaches would pop up here and there but they were mostly caused by my hair being pulled up too tight or too many bobby-pins.

I’d say these past two years or so- man. They’re always buggin’ me.

So that’s all for tonight. I’m going to “go rest my neck” as my husband says. (You should hear some of the other sayings he comes up with. Stick around and you probably will.)

P.S. I might start a new series here on “what word will autocorrect come up with next?” (Title in progress). Tonight’s winners are:

1. These – Thwas

2. Title – tutle

funny technology.




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