Have you noticed a theme going on with the titles? I’ve challenged myself. Again.

I guess that’s a good thing to challenge yourself  but sometimes it bites me in the booty. So cross your fingers and I’ll promise to try real hard to make it.

Its nothin’ big, really. But I’m trying to see if I can make it at least a month where I write (or journal) every day. Day 6. Not bad.


We were fortunate enough to practically run straight into a double rainbow on our way home tonight. And the last of the sunlight, amplified by the recent rain fall, with Chris Stapleton playing in the background… it was just the coolest.

Id like to say that feeling stayed with me… but we got distracted by the rainbow and forgot to stop for dinner (mondays are usually take out days since Edyn gets out of dance right when it’s her bed time) so… inevitably, we were scrambling to whip something up for her at home before getting her to bed late and now we’re just sitting down to eat but now I’m hangry and I’m afraid it’s here to stay.


(Also, side note: the word “stay” just autocorrected to sthayb… so that’s weird?)


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