I have been feeling lately as if God is trying to work through something with me. Like He’s got some things to show me and talk to me about.

Some days, like last night in particular, I feel the need to be near him so badly (not because of anything in particular or that anything bad has happened, but more because I’m constantly learning to go to Him in the moments that I’m happy, too) that I just have to make some time to think about Him and do something that makes me feel closer to Him.  So last night I doodled a little while thinking about how much He has given me and each time I just am struck with wonder and amazement at how much He see’s me.

And it was wonderful to snuggle into my comfy couch with a big ol’ blanket smothering me while I doodled and snacked on pistachios. And Jon was cooking home made fish taco’s in the kitchen while Edyn painted with her watercolors on a big piece of cardboard that almost got thrown in the trash.

He loves me. And I love this life He’s given me.

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