Come in, it’s safe.


Question: How do you follow up on a blog post that almost 8,000 people read?

Answer: You don’t. You avoid it and write about something completely unrelated.


I announced via Instagram a couple of weeks ago (ok, maybe more than a couple) that I’m writing a book.

I was SO gung-ho about it. Literally. The second I was home from work I would start writing and if I wasn’t writing then I was thinking about writing or brainstorming new idea’s for chapters further down the road, and so on.

I decided not to say anything to anyone until I had at least a full chapter down. I had a full chapter plus a couple of pages for what’s to happen later on, so I figured I could say something and share with everyone how excited I was … and everyone (…almost everyone) was really encouraging and I thought to myself “this is going to be finished in no time at all!”

Ha ha, ha…ha… No it’s not.

Why? Because as soon as I announced my riveting project that I couldn’t tear myself away from…I got blocked. We’re talking MAJOR writers block. As in, I sit in the car blank staring at a crack in a brick at my house for 10 minutes thinking “what…was…I…going to write??” But, I get nothin’.

Jon asked if I don’t write as often anymore because I’m feeling happier. At first, I almost felt a little offended by the suggestion. “I don’t have to be sad to write.” Well, it turns definitely helps. What the crap?!

Maybe that’s when my “creative genius” (any Liz Gilbert fans out there?) is feeling most inspired.

womp-womp-woomp.  Well, I’m off to re-hash my childhood.

*I kid, I kid.*





4 thoughts on “Come in, it’s safe.

  1. If I were you, I would go do something completely different when you can’t think of what to write. I get some of my best ideas when my mind is on a completely different topic.

    I don’t write books, but I hope that this will help you.


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