A magnificent feast,


Have you ever been invited to a party, you walk in and you see a whole spread of food on the table and you KNOW it’s there for you to enjoy? But instead, you stand back until the hostess gives you permission? “Go ahead, grab a plate! There’s plenty of food here so dig in!”

I guess you could call it manners, but it’s still kind of a silly notion. I know the times when I, myself, have been the host. I greet my guests and watch them stand around talking amongst each other until I give the “go-ahead” for them to dig in. I mean, this food, this FEAST, has been prepared for these guests. Why WOULDN’T they want to dig in the moment they saw it laid out in front of them?

Yeah, that’s an analogy.

We are the guests, and life is the feast. Yet we wait for other people to give us permission before we allow ourselves to enjoy it. And even WHEN we finally step up to the table, we dish up a small, humble serving so as not to make ourselves look bad and we certainly wouldn’t want anyone to assume we were some sort of voracious beast.

I’m learning, after many trials and probably many more to come, that I don’t need to wait for permission to have a good life and to be happy (even when some people don’t want me to). Like Pinterest says *wink*, “You don’t owe anyone an explanation for taking care of yourself.”

BUT REALLY. I don’t owe anyone an explanation for taking care of myself, and neither do you. We can be happy and healthy and enjoy the buffet once and then go back for seconds and thirds and keep going back again and again and again and we can laugh when we want to and cry when we want to and be brave when we can and be kind to ourselves when we can’t and we can forgive ourselves and we can love ourselves and we can do all of this for ourselves and if other people see us enjoying our buffet, then maybe they’ll join in on it with us and they’ll love you like you love you and if they do, awesome! And if they don’t, then that’s too bad for them, but that leaves more for you. And to the people who don’t enjoy me or my life or love me the way I deserve to be, well then good day to you and I hope the best for you but I gotta go get me another plate.


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