And then the fish said…


I’ve decided that being a peace maker is one of the worst decisions anyone will ever make in their life.

If you’re standing in the center of two irrational beings, whether they are arguing over something asinine and hollow or something relevant and bellowing…trying to calm the beasts and find middle ground for them to stand on will only leave you waving your arms trying to catch your balance as you fall into the abyss.

It’s dangerous, I tell you.

I’m not sure how it always happens, but I’m finding it more and more appealing to not only stand on the sideline, but to like, RUN in the opposite direction and only resurface once the coals have cooled.

Biggest lesson in life = people are scary.

So, while social media is erupting with presidential-racial-gender shaming-religion blaming slews and collections of opinions so opposite you can actually trace the cavity between them, I will be hiding in a deep, deep, DEEP, cave.

Preferably with La Croix a plenty and wall to carve my thoughts onto.



Call for me when it’s safe.





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