What I’m trying to say is…


I guess I’m following a theme here.
Maybe it’s some type of self discovery? Maybe it’s just being fed up or overly pessimistic about the surrounding inhabitants of my own universe.

Either way, I just can’t stand it.

This girl I know, I mean, she’s great. She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s talented. ALL that jazz.

And she blogs. But like, “BLOG” blogs.

All I read is forced wittiness and a tone of which, I don’t recognize?

It’s fake. It’s all fake.

I mean, I know this girl. I actually know her in real life. And what I read on her blog is just NOT her. At all. It’s like she’s taken this view on what a “blogger” is supposed to be, (i.e. DIY queen, fashionista with an eye for colorful surroundings, a wordsmith) (don’t get me wrong, I love to DIY and dress and talk as much as the next gal), but she tries to embody that. And it comes off as cold, boring, superficial, dull, any other synonyms out there?

I don’t know. I’m sure this all comes off as b&!*#y and judgmental, but I’m not meaning it to be. I just want people to be real. I want people to see themselves and love themselves and not have to put on this show for their peers to make it seem like life is just flipping perfect.

IT’S NOT PERFECT. And that’s totally ok. I have my days where my depression and anxiety have such a massive chokehold on me that I can’t even imagine what the light of day must look like. Other times, I’m happy, I’m ok with life, I’m ok with my circumstances and such. Other days, meh. I’m just here, floating, observing, breathing, taking it all in.

The point is, every moment we have is a moment to relish in. To learn, to grow, to dislike, to love, to keep your skin pliable and your soul yearning. Life is life, it is…rarely what we want but in every case, exactly what we need.

We are humans, and I love how imperfect we all are. I need to see imperfections. IĀ have no grounds to connect with you if you can’t expose your soul and all of your imperfect flaws.



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