Real ain’t Real.


I feel like everyone talks too much, now.

“S/O to my amazzzzing hubby.”
“Sick babes are no fun but I can’t complain about the snuggles.”
“question to all the mamas out there….[insert some asinine and needy question here]”

Am I cynical? Obviously.

But come, the frick, on.

It’s not the fact that people want to share their lives with the world of social media. It’s just that, it seems soooo insincere. Just a copy and paste of what the other 250 million users out there are posting on their status.

If you want to show your significant other appreciation, try approaching them. Look them in the eyes and tell them instead of waiting for them to check their news feed and happen upon their spouses ‘compliment’ if that’s what you can call it.

If you have a question about your child, call your mother. Try google. Call their doctor. I guarantee those 3 options will be much more beneficial than the shifty and disputatious opinions of people who are all too eager to have their parenting techniques validated.

UGH. I know, it’s probably just as annoying to hear someone ramble about it as it to see these  pointless updates appearing on your phone. But my gosh, if I see one more person attention fishing, I might scream.






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