If this isn’t dysfunctional…

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“But aren’t you tired of it already? The fights that should be small and over quick are long, drawn out and more painful than they ever should be because they’re not just the little fights. It’s a compilation of every fight before, every apology you never said, every time I watched you find anyone else to blame. ” I said, “don’t you feel sufficiently depleted, yet?”

She broke eye contact with me and looked down at her knee’s. After a few moments of silence, she let out a deep breath that, in itself was the release, no, the confession of every excuse she had ever made for herself. She didn’t fight it. For once, she didn’t fight it. And in that moment, I no longer needed the apology I thought I deserved. It was as if the second that the air left her lips, I let go. I could finally let go of her.


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