There was a reason.



I think about the little things. The microscopic, minuscule, seemingly insignificant but widely overlooked, details. The reasons we collide into the people in our lives, whether they stay or don’t stay. The reasons we experience our trials and “ah-ha” moments. They’re small and they’re easy to miss… But they’re there.

If I hadn’t decided to take the short cut to make it to him faster, I wouldn’t have been in the exact spot where a careless man ran a red light.

If the two boys in elementary school never said “hi, my name is ____”, well then they wouldn’t have ended up friends who ended up subconsciously depending on each other to meet me, so that I could fall over myself and marry one of them.

And what about the details that are even smaller? If I take a left turn instead of going straight, will I set off a chain of events for the drivers behind me? What if one of them should have been in my spot, or was it necessary that I keep them from arriving at their aim 7 seconds earlier?

Isn’t it scary and so beautiful that every tiny second of our entire lives rely on each other for what’s to come? God’s plan is so miraculous. The very idea that someone is so powerful that they could create each living moment, well, it blows me away.


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