I found my dream house tucked away on a street I drive down every day.  But now I drive down it with more purpose. I’m fairly certain that the kind people (I assume they’re kind because only kind people could own a home so beautiful) who own the home and who live on the same street, may think I’m creeping. But it’s ok, I just want the home you own! Sometimes… I even go out of my way just to drive down this street. It’s just everything that could ever make all my dreams come true.

There are people in the world who would just die for a brand new house with perfectly stained floors and chalk paint a’plenty. But that’s not me! I want old. I want used. I want a home that it so wonderful that it can contain the memories and secrets of families before me. I want a home so loved that the floor boards creek a little as you step over them. I want a home where you will never be short on shade in the yard because the trees have been spoiled and lived so long you need all your fingers and toes and then some, to count the years it’s flourished.

And dearest owners and neighbors, who may or may not think I’m stalking…I am. But only your house. Please don’t call the cops.


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