“Life is the title of a foreign movie…”


I had a headache to end all headaches. It felt like someone was inside of my skull trying to carve my eyeballs out of their sockets while having a marching band tromp all over my brain. I curled up around him and laid my head on his chest and his skin felt like a band aid to my wound. The heat radiating off of him was soothing and his scent was calming. Before I knew it I was asleep.

The next morning I woke up feeling like a brand girl so I put on some lipstick, threw on my new sunglasses and took the longest way possible to work because, ‘Good Old War’. (The album requires you to have the windows down, I promise.)

So I let the words spin around my head and the melody consume me and I got lost in the way it all sounded. I need those moments, I need even just a second to lose all of my thoughts and just let someone else’s version of the world become my own so that I don’t have to think. And then when the music comes to an end, you step out of the car, close the door…and go on with your life.


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