Apparently being in the car is working out well for me…


My printer at work is bring temperamental, so while I wait for the fit to subside…..

You want to know my epiphany I had this morning, on my way to work? I happened to drive past an ex boyfriends house (from the 8th grade, who I “went out” with for a total of 3 1/2 weeks.. Now that’s commitment) and I thought to myself, “that sure ended up pretty rotten for being so young.. What the heck was my problem back then?” And then I realized… I assumed that awful, horrible, angry break ups were supposed to happen. I saw my parents divorce which was explosive and dirty and unfair, but in my mind it’s what made sense. Ending a relationship=hating the person. I grew up thinking that way.  I had no reason, not a single one, to hate this poor kid. He did nothing wrong, we were just two 13 year olds who were too awkward and shy to really know what it meant to “date” someone. But our “relationship” was over so I must think bad thoughts and curse his name for the rest of my days! Or so I thought…. Whatever. I know, I know. It’s super insightful.


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