I come in pieces, I always have.


I was lost in my mind again, relying on muscle memory, apparently, to get me home from another night at school. Sitting at a stoplight and one of those melodic, moody songs was echoing through my car when I rolled the window down. It must have been the fresh air that pulled me out of my head because all of the sudden I looked around and realized I almost missed it. The night was perfect, the temperature was right, the way the left over sunlight was reflecting against the pavement, mixing itself with the reflection of headlights to create the vision of a perfect summer night.

If I could just get my thoughts to quiet themselves for once… If I could sort out my ideas and memories so that I could have enough room to enjoy the moment I’m in instead of reflecting on it hours, days or years later… Because I almost missed it. And I don’t want to miss anything anymore.



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