Oh, did I forget to mention this about myself?


You know what I hate? Cocky people. But more than that? Bossy, cocky people. Like I owe you something? Like I am somehow indebted to you simply because your very presence is so glorious and all consuming that I, actually, owe this to you? False.

And then when I’ve denied you the very validation you were searching for, you giggle and turn away as if it wasn’t embarrassing that I had just turned down the oh-so-enticing invitation to be you’re little puppy dog.  But I sit back watching you leave the room thinking, you should be.  You should be so embarrassed that you, an adult, have to have another adult (I get that title because of my age…) help you, albeit, rudely help you, to understand that no, I , in fact, DO NOT owe you anything. Neither does the poor girl you’re approaching next.

But on a side note, I think I want bangs again.


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